MysticBamboo and Me

I am so glad you are here @ Mysticbamboo! Take a cup of tea or coffee or whatever rocks your boat and relax! It might have been a hectic or a lazy day, whatever might have happened, it’s in past. So chill, and come take a look at MysticBamboo. Here in the form of blogs, I am sharing my hobbies, thoughts, and misc, hoping to form a virtual memory lane and my connection with those experiences.


I am Devi Annamalai, I am a Scientist by profession. I have a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. I also enjoy doing different things, some of those passion projects and thoughts are shared in this blog. I believe, that our hobbies and the way we visualize and learn from our experiences are what make us unique individuals. Sometimes we realize these different dimensions to us, sometimes we are oblivious to it. And sometimes we know it but try to ignore it because we might think it’s a distraction or think if we carried on, we might not fit in. Reasons can be numerous.

Anyways, if one does realize and channelize those eccentricities we could create a positive expanse, one might truly discover oneself and their journey. This blog is that kind of space for me – A space where through my different interests, I am trying to gain a deeper knowledge of self – mysticism and this journey just like bamboo symbolizes strength, flexibility, and health for me. I hope you enjoy your stay here and meet happiness.

“Don’t be the same, Be Better”, Anonymous