MysticBamboo’s contents are divided into 4 main subspaces:

Family Space – This space would entail contents covering family related topics such as:

  • To Arrange into Harmony – Cost and time-effective Space organization.
  • Make the Clock Work for ya – Learning and creating time management skills to balance my work as a scientist and an individual who also deeply cares to be a homemaker.
  • Parents Turned Teacher corner – Covid driven circumstances turned us to homeschooling. You will find our homeschooling resources and plans for our 5-year-old.

Soul Space – This space is my personal planet:

  • Decor – My space design journeys.
  • Pics Galleria – I love to take photos and learn pictographic skills. You will find here snippets of that voyage.
  • Fix a Meal Nook – Cooking is near and dear to me. A memoir of my yum-tum times.
  • Green is the Color of Love – Plants are my besties. You will see me and my besties hang out space and things we do together here. Hope the greens here will beat your blues.
  • Body and Soul – My path to take care of myself inside out through yoga. Here you will find my daily yoga flow information and related things that I am learning about yoga.
  • Biology Block – It’s no surprise that biology is my favorite subject. What makes it special is even after studying it for so many years, it never ceases to amaze me. Here I will share my Molecular Bio-based topics and how the field is changing.

Tools Space – As a working woman, I like some of my gadgets and equipment that have substantially helped me save time and eventually money. Here, you will find the information about such products and how they are been working for my family.

Kids Tales – My little one, the love of my life, likes to write stories. Here you will see my Lil one’s creations as an author and an illustrator. I promise you that this corner of mysticbamboo will be totally filled with child-like fun 🙂