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Soul Space

Hey there,

Welcome to my ‘Expanse’, or in other words, ‘my uniterrupted space’. This is my creative space where I give myself room to grow/learn and morph my creative dreams to reality. Here is where you will be joining me to see how my ideas, projects, dreams etc. take shape or sometime you will see the journey of things are shaping up in space and time. I am supre excited to create this space. Honetly, while I am building this website, page by page, feels like I am building it brick by brick – watichng my humbe abode come into real form. I hope you will enjoy this space as much I am building it.

” Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”, Pablo Picasso

My Space entails –

  • Decor – I enjoy the process of decorating my space. The process of deciding the theme of my space and bringing in small to large decor items to fit the theme of the space is a truly pleasurable process for me. Seeing the area go from something to a space that speaks to my soul brings out the child in me. Here, I will take you with me on such design journeys.
  • Pics Galleria – My husband bought me a fancy camera a while back and I was like I don’t enjoy taking pictures at all, what do I do with it. And then after some time, I found myself clicking pictures left and right. So you will be tortured here with my galleria 😉 . Hope you enjoy it.
  • Fix me a Meal Nook
  • Green is the Color of Love
  • Body and Soul
  • Biology Block