Kin Space would entail contents covering family-related topics such as:

To Arrange into Harmony – Here I will describe my voyage of organizing the space that helps us to be more time and cost-efficient.

Make the Clock Work for ya – Especially as a working mom and wife the struggles and juggles to make more things happen in a given day have pushed me to adapt to new routines and unlearn some things to fit into the current phase of my life. Here, I will be describing all such time management tips.

Parents Turned Teacher corner – Resources, routines, and activities that we do to give our little ones the best we could, especially when they are out of daycare/school missing their friends and regular social stimulus under the Covid driven circumstances. I am very passionate about education and obviously, this aspect of my life takes a lot of my time and energy. Here, you will see me turn into a teacher for my 5-year-old.

There is no such thing as work-life balance, it’s all life. The balance has to be within.” – Sadhguru